How Dan Bilzerian Packs For a Flight

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It's always interesting seeing Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian's posts on Instagram. His outfits tend to be cargo pants and a black and/or grey t-shirt or shorts with the same t-shirt combo.

There is also the classic shirtless and shorts or the robe. So what exactly does her pack when preparing for a flight?

Incase you were wondering what Dan Bilzerian packs when he is venturing off on a flight to appear at a club or shoot one of his many guns, he let fans into his luggage compartment and we can't say it surprises us one bit. As we all know by now, Bilzerian will be making a huge East Coast appearance as he and over 200 of his own guests will be attending Electric Zoo New York, the huge EDM festival.

Bilzerian is getting an early start to the party by flying to Chicago for some beer according to the caption of his post below.

So, before his flight Bilzerian is packing up all of the things he will need for his trip and they include a leather carrying case that may be holding his toiletries, 11 stacks of cash, a pretty decent sized knife, cargo pants (obviously), three pretty awesome looking watches, a gun, yes a gun, a pretty large leather coat, two black t-shirts (another obvious one), another gun seems to be peeking out from under the suitcase and finally a strange looking hand carved pipe of some sort.

None of this surprises us one bit, even the weird ass pipe. If anything it means Bilzerian is preparing for one hell of a trip to the East Coast and he doesn't plan on letting anyone stand in his way one bit. The madness that is the Electric Zoo Festival begins on September 4 and continues through to September 6.

If you are planning to attend the festival Bilzerian and his crew won't be hard to miss he is rolling extremely deep after spending more that $650,000 on his own VIP section. Good ole Dan Bilzerian.

Packed up, stopping in Chicago for a couple days before NYC, going to @shaychicago on Friday to drink beer #LateNight

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

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