Hot Toys Reveals A Black Widow Action Figure For Avengers: Infinity War

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The Hot Toys action figures for the movie Avengers: Infinity War is not stopping anytime soon. This is because the Hong Kong based toy company has now announced and revealed a new action figure for Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow character. 

The announcement was made over on the official Hot Toys Facebook page. The link takes you to an extensive photo gallery while you can see the announcement for the Black Widow toy itself posted down below. 

"To get fans ready for the highly anticipated Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War, Hot Toys is excited to officially introduce today the new 1/6th scale collectible figure Black Widow!

Made with meticulous craftsmanship, the movie accurate collectible is beautifully crafted with striking likeness of Black Widow’s appearance portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in the film, the collectible figure features a newly painted head sculpt with mid-length ash blonde real fabric hair, a beautifully tailored Black Widow’s latest outfit with fine detail textures and weathering effect, a variety of weapons including disk shooters, batons and a specially designed movie-themed figure stand."

As you might know already, Black Widow has a slightly different appearance for this movie as her hair is bleach blonde.

This is much different compared to the red hair that she sported in all of the previous MCU movies released to date.

Black Widow is not the only Hot Toy figurine being released for Avengers: Infinity War. Other figures coming include Thanos, Captain America, Iron Man, Groot, Rocket and several others coming in the future as well. 

Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled for release on April 27th, 2018. The film is currently projected to get a massive $200 million or more in its opening weekend in North America alone. 

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