Homeless Man Shares His Pizza With Others: You Get What You Give In Life

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A two men show the definition of humanity in a homeless man experiment which leads the one who initiated it ends up being surprised by what happens when he anonymously surprises the homeless man with a pizza.

(Video Below)

The beginning of the video features texts which read, "The Best Homeless Man Ever," which is exactly what this one man was.

A man by the name of Cody set out asking people if he could borrow a single dollar and the amount of people that refused to lend him the money was surprising.

After getting enough money to purchase one whole pizza, Cody then proceeded to give the pizza he purchased to an employee to take over the homeless man.

Cody casually walks up to the building that the man was sitting outside of and gave him a casual hello.

When asked how he was doing the man replied "I'm doing good now, someone brought me a whole pizza." The homeless man then proceeds to offer Cody a slice of pizza and told him that he also shared a few slices with the guys who work inside the building as well.

He said that those guys had helped him before and offered a piece of very useful advice along with the slice of pizza.

As the man says, "if you give s*** you get s***, if you give good you get good."

After seeing so many homeless pranks all over YouTube, it is refreshing to see something nice being done for someone less fortunate, who was clearly appreciative and an overall good person that just happened to be in a tough situation.

Watch the video here