Homecoming Kings Max and His Friend K.L. Visit The Ellen Show

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In another segment that really warms your heart, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed a homecoming king by the name of Max, whose kind act went viral after he gave his friend K.L. the honor with a powerful gesture that moves everyone who sees it.

The original video from the homecoming game at Keller Fossil Ridge High School was incredibly touching, so touching that DeGeneres felt she needed to bring Max and K.L. to the show. Max was crowed homecoming king but presented the crown to K.L. who is suffering from cerebral palsy. She welcomed Max and K.L. to the stage so that they could share their story with the viewers.

Max and K.L. have been friends since 5th grade and they are both quarterback and equipment manager equally. Max explained how the voting went on for homecoming as both Max and K.L. were nominees.

He expected K.L. to get the crown but when he got it, he knew he had to give it to K.L. K.L. said he felt really awesome and as if he was the only person in the stadium at that moment.

Max said he didn't give K.L. the crown because he has cerebral palsy. He sees K.L. as a human being and as a homecoming king you should be able to make people happy and spread good vibes, something he said K.L. does. Max had no idea that his kind act they would be this big of a deal, however, he wanted to stress that if you ever had a chance to make someones day or make them feel special, you should do so.

You can check out the full interview with Max and K.L. from The Ellen Show in the video below.

Homecoming Kings Max and His Friend K.L. Visit The Ellen Show