'New Hitler gets mad about 'The Dress' Viral Video

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The Internet famous Hitler video is back at it again this time he seems to be angry about a certain dress.

"The Dress" as it now known is probably one of the strangest stories in the history of the internet. You truly have to be under a rock if you haven't seen it yet and it seems even Hitler has.

(Hitler Gets Angry About the Color of the Dress Video Below)

Now as much as this phenomenon may seem pointless it has made more many funny memes that have been circulations ever since this story hit on Thursday evening.

Black and Blue vs. White and Gold will certainly be on everyone minds for Halloween this coming up year but for now the jokes will continue to roll.

For those who would like a more scientific approach to the dress there is a simple to understand video below. The phenomenon is known as 'color consistency' and at a basic level it is easy to understand.

But it does seem extremely strange that our eyes and mind could be tricking us so easily.

(The Dress (Solved with Science) Video Below)

Oh and if you have't seen this Hitler video before attached with anything I highly recommend you go and watch some of his more famous reactions to pop culture. The most famous of which happens to be below.

(Hitler reacts to Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Below)