Hilarious Video Shows A 5-Year Old Making A Case For A Pet Rat

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When you were younger, chances are you may have been asking your parents for a pet of some sort.

Well, one 5-year-old girl is going through that phase, however, her pet of choice happens to be a rat...or a ferret.

In the video below a little 5-year-old girl is crying her heart out. The reason? She would like a rat or a ferret but her mom doesn't seem to want to house one of those pets.

The little girl makes a pretty strong case in attempts to appeal to her mom's emotions.

She argues that rats and ferrets are often left alone because no one wants to care for them. She said they are all alone with nobody to love them.

"My 5 year old daughter explaining to me all the reasons she needs a rat or ferret, this went on for much longer than the video.

Her love for animals and their right to a home is no joke!" reads the caption of the video.

It gets even better, towards the end of the video, her mother reveals that they had actually been having the conversation for about 15 minutes, while the video is just a short 1:34 clip. We hope she is able to find a home for a rat or a ferret soon.

After all, she did make a perfectly sound argument for one. You can check out the video from The EllenTube below.

Hilarious Video Shows A 5-Year Old Making A Case For A Pet Rat