Hilarious Super Bowl XLIX Gifs, Memes & Instagram Posts

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Last night's Super Bowl XLIX game was a heartbreaker for Seattle Seahawks fans and an inflating victory for New England Patriots fans.

In the new age of Internet memes, Instagram and Reddit there were some who took the hilarious moment to exploit all of the emotions of the big game as well as the halftime show featuring Katy Perry.

Verne Troyer known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers series sent some shots at Katy Perry for her halftime performance but it was all in good fun.

His photo showed him decked out in a shark outfit of his own and he made sure to point out that he wore it better than the sky blue sharks on stage with Perry last night.

I wore it better #sb49 @katyperry #shark

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Reddit is known for having some of the harshest but funniest gifs on the internet and Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks fell victim to one of them last night.

The meme shows Bart Simpson and his sister watch some TV as he rewinds the infamous interception saying, "Watch this, you can actually pinpoint the second his heart rips in half." Click here to watch.

Along with the funny IG posts and gifs was this gem of a Meme that continued to circulate through Twitter and Instagram. The shocking resemblance between Perry's outfit and a select few fire Pokemon was just uncanny.

#repost @spiritbombss Who wore it better tho?

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No Twitter account could nail the memes better than the NFL Memes. Below is their post with a hilarious Marshawn Lynch character as a young child questioning the last play call that undoubtably left fans scratching their head sin disbelief.

NFL Memes also had to poke a little fun at the Patriots with the next Meme showing a different trophy than we all may be use to.

This year Odell Beckham Jr. emerged as one of the most athletic receivers in the league and though his team wasn't in the Super Bowl this year, there were slight shades of his talent show in Seahawks receiver Chris Matthews.

Lions fans please look away at this point. Katy Perry may have had the heart of a lion last night but the Detroit Lions have yet venture into the Super Bowl.

Last but not least Aaron Hernandez surely picked the wrong time to find himself on the opposite end of the law and from the NFL meme below, it looks like he won't be able to share in the celebration at all.