'Hilarious Reaction To An 8,000 Watt Car Audio BASS System,' Grandpa Knows Bass

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Once you quickly get pass the idea that people actually care more about their care stereo than the car itself you'll be able to enjoy the best reaction to 8,000 Watt Bass system by an older man, including pot references.

(Video Below)

The video was posted to thetenseventy YouTube channel and then to Reddit. The intro shows how powerful the stereo system is thanks to a number of subwoofers installed to the cars. After the intro something pretty awesome happens.

In fact, it breaks the stereotypical idea of older people being annoyed and outraged by younger folks with loud blaring stereo systems. An older man walks up to this truck while the owner enjoys his super-bass (that was a Nicki Minaj reference).

It sounds as if he is going to give this guy a piece of his mind, but on the contrary he's actually impressed by what he hears.

"Were you parked here the other night? Because I live on the other side I mean my house is 426 feet away and we heard rumbling and I said, 'it's gotta be a car stereo,'" says the older man.

Immediately thinking he is going to get some sort of reprimanding from the older man, the owner of the car begins apologizing but is quickly reassures when he is complimented on his car stereo.

"No, no we thought we were hallucinating, we had got some new pot and it was like 'what's that f***ing noise," said the older man. This might be one of the funny statements made in response to a bellowing of bass.

The older man actually thought it was "f***ing cool" and marveled at the system later on. Check out the full video below.

Funniest reaction to 8,000 watts of bass.