Hilarious Kid Feels The Pain: 'Gets Hit Below The Belt By Fast Ball From Dad'

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This is something all men fear once they understand how sensitive their private area is. One little kid gets a fast ball thrown right at his "nuts" as he says when asked where he got hit.

(Video Below)

It's all fun and games until someone get's hit where the sun don't shine. In a video posted to the Reddit video page, one kid learns at an early age how much it hurts to get hit below the belt.

While enjoying some playtime with another child laughter suddenly turns into tears.

No, they're not tears of joy, they are tears of pain. While waiting for the ball to come his way, a little guy in playing in his underwear was hit pretty hard by a ball coming from his father.

"I don't like daddy," said the little guy in tears. When asked where his dad got him the little man replied "my nu....my nuts," before breaking into laughter about saying the word.

His parents can't seem to stop laughing in the video posted to the OB-One YouTube Channel.

However, his mom quickly has to tell him to keep it in the underwear when the painful situation gets a little too funny. It's yet another hilarious video that could be painful for men to watch.

Watch the video below.