Hilarious Father Daughter Wedding Dance, Step You Game Up

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Like the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, the amount of choreographed father daughter wedding dances are spreading like wildfire.

This one in particular is pretty hilarious, goes through different styles of music and will ultimately lead others to step their game up.

(Video Below)

The video below was originally posted to the missdasselaar YouTube Channel.

It continues a growing trend of father daughter dances that are beginning to go viral.

What it also represents is the special bonds between father's and their daughters that enables them to contribute greater happiness to the happiest day of their daughter's life.

The dance started out like any other with a slow dance to some classic music. It was beautiful and the pair were really in sync with each other. Then things picked up a bit and that's when the crowd in attendance began to cheer. The 3:02 mark is where things really start "getting turnt," as the kids say these days.

There is a little Usher and even some fist pumping later one. Yes folks, this father daughter pair tore up the dance floor.

Check out the awesome video below and we've included a few more fun dances for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Watch the awesome choreography below.

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