Hilarious Dad's Attempt To Decipher Slang Terms

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Are you "On Fleek?" It seems like every year this is a new slang term being invented.

It's pretty hard for many parents especially dads to keep up with all of them but these two dads make a pretty strong attempt to stay hip.

(Video Below)

The video below was created by Clevver News and posted to their official YouTube Channel. Many of the terms have derived from or have been spread by pop culture.

Some of these might even surprise some in their mid-twenties (this guy).

"We teamed up with Made Man, who is honoring Dad all month long," read the caption of the video.

"So in honor of Father's Day, we put Joslyn Davis & Danielle Robay's fathers to the ultimate challenge testing their knowledge of today's slang terms!."

The nine terms included, Yas, MOM, Slay, On Fleek, Basic, Shade, Thirsty, Feels and Bye Felicia.

Some of these terms seem to have become replacements for complete thoughts and it's pretty evident that many are hear to stay. How many of these terms were you able to recognize? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the "9 Slang Terms Your Dad Doesn't Know" video below.