High School Running Back Apollos Hester Inspires Everyone To Never Give Up

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Most High School football players are able to pump their team and fans up but the East View Patriots running back Apollos Hester manages to do so for every and anyone.

"Apollos Hester, wide receiver for the East View Patriots, made the interview hall-of-fame Friday night after he delivered the most epic post-game interview to ever go down at a high school football game," said Lauren Mickler, TWC News Austin.

"I had the pleasure of talking to this ball of enthusiasm live on our high school football show on TWC News Austin. As you can tell, he was pretty fired up."

Hester broke into a motivational take on what he and his team used to propel them to a victory. Hester says that win or lose he and his team realized that they were going to be alright.

He also said that the mindset that he and his team had was that everything was going to be all right and inspired others to never give up.

Hester continued no matter what your friends will be there to help you, your mom, your dad and even said that he would.

Hester says his coach said it would be hard and he and his team would have to fight he said it was completely awesome because of all the time and effort he put in and that all you needed to succeed is an attitude.

On a Monday morning this is the motivation everyone just might need in order to get them through the week.

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