High Pitch Eric & Joey Boots Join the Kimmel Party on the Howard Stern Show

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Howard Stern Wack Packer High Pitch Eric and Joey Boots were invited to join the party with Jimmy Kimmel on the SiriusXM Stern Show.

"Eric came in with a party cap and a walker and wheel chair. Howard said he'll be dead soon," according to MarksFriggin.

"Robin said Joey isn't much smaller. Joey said he's just under 300 pounds. Howard said he looks svelte. Joey said he guarantees Eric is much more than 404 which is what he weighed last time."

Eric was in a wheelchair and explained that it was due to to his back, knees and legs.

Joey Boots said that Eric isn't eating properly and Stern commented that Eric either doesn't know or care. High Pitch Eric actually weighs 417 pounds as they discovered during a live weigh-in.

"Jimmy asked if he's happy about that weight. Eric said no," according to MF.

"Howard asked what he's eating. Joey said he drinks so much soda and he's not drinking diet. Howard said he heard diet is worse for you. Howard asked if he can stop drinking it.

Eric said if he wants to, yes. Howard asked why he doesn't stop. Eric said it's caffeine. Howard said maybe a couple of coffees would be better. Eric said he does that too."

Kimmel invited Eric and the rest of the Wack Packers to Friday's show where Howard Stern will be the special guest.

The guys continued to poke fun at High Pitch Eric for his weight and who he masturbates too.

Names that they put out ranged from Steven Colbert to Donnie Wahlberg and even Kimmel. It's going to be quite and interesting week on both Kimmel and Howard Stern's shows.