Heartbreaking Little Girl Doesn't Want Animals To Be Chopped Up

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Videos of children swearing off meat because of their love for animals are becoming more prevalent and this one features and adorable little girl who is crying because she doesn't want animals to be chopped up.

(Video Below)

The video was posted to Reddit after surfacing on YouTube on July 5. Chances are this weekend many of us consumed a large amount of meat but this video just might make you feel incredibly guilty.

An adorable little girl looks to be crying over her dinner because she no longer wants to eat meat.

"I really don't want to eat animals," said the little one as she breaks down in tears.

Her father asks her if she's crying because she's eating a turkey and then proceeds to explain to her what the proper term for someone who doesn't eat meat is.

"I don't like when people eat animals," she continued, "I just don't want them to be chopped up. I don't want to kill horsies." Her tears are heartbreaking as she questions who is chopping up the animals and why.

You can watch the heartbreaking video below as the little girl makes a grand case against animals being chopped up.

Watch the heartbreaking video below.