Is a Healthy Amanda Bynes No Fun On Twitter?

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For the last few years Amanda Bynes has been a train wreck. That may have been sad to watch, but her loony behavior, random nudity, and general wackiness won her over 3 million Twitter followers.

Now, by most accounts, the actress is healthy and has put whatever problems she had behind her.

This however has made her exceptionally dull on social media. Whereas she used to post unpredictable ramblings, semi-nude shots, and who knows what else, now, this type of post is more typical.

Even when she gets a little less boring, Bynes has taken to posting pictures of herself looking tanned, rested and healthy in sensible bikinis rather than wearing ill-fitting lingerie.

This may be good for Bynes, but it's bad for the Internet, which may explain why although she appears to have her act together, nobody has hired her for any acting work.

To master social media and work, a star must appear out of control while actually being completely in command. Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have mastered this act.

If Bynes can't figure out how to walk that line, she's likely to slide into irrelevance.