'Haven' S5 Ep. 4 Recap: Much Ado About Mara

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On tonight's new episode of "Haven" Nathan and Dwight butt heads over what to do about Mara, who has the ability to end the troubles that are plaguing the town.

Duke is still dealing with the trouble that is on the verge of busting out of him, and Mara is the only one who can get it out of him. While seemingly removing the trouble from Duke, she actually plagued him with another trouble that makes him speak nonsense.

Nathan witnessed it all out of sight close by, and he is still convinced that Audrey is trapped inside Mara.

Nathan and Dwight disagreed over what to do with Mara, as Dwight believes that they can use Mara to rid the town of all the troubles.

Dwight interrogated Mara and they reached an agreement where Mara promises to cure Jodie from her trouble. Dwight doesn't trust Mara fully yet, so he is using Jodie as a guinea pig.

Mara successfully removes Jodie's trouble so Dwight decides to use her to rid everyone from their troubles. Little does Dwight know that by treating Mara, well, like Mara instead of Audrey is only strengthening and encouraging her.

Nathan, meanwhile, will do almost anything in his power to get Audrey out. He tries to convince Dwight that Audrey is the key to keeping Haven safe, but Dwight isn't buying it, having Duke and Nathan locked up outside the cabin.

Duke and Nathan were able to talk openly about personal issues with them, and Duke received his talking ability back. The two went over the spell book that Nathan retrieved from Duke's properties, and seemed onto Mara's strategy.

After curing Jodie mysterious and supernatural things started occurring, including birds mysteriously falling out of the sky dead, and a guard losing his vision; thus there was the presence of a trouble. The Guard tried to figure out whose trouble was plaguing them at the moment, and signs started pointing towards it being Duke even though he just had one removed.

Dwight and the Guard were able to figure out that the Trouble was sending out heat and microwaves (not the cooking appliance) everywhere, cooking everything in sight.

It was revealed that Mara didn't actually cure Jodie, rather altered her previous Trouble that was shooting out light laser beams.

Dwight admitted that everything that happened was his fault and Mara said she wished that Jodie's trouble had killed him. she verbally abused him which only weakened him and strengthened her. He finally realized Nathan's strategy was working for Dwight and Audrey broke out again, albeit for a brief moment.

They all finally agreed that getting Audrey was the only solution as she could get rid of all the troubles. Dwight, Duke, and Nathan teamed up and launched a vicious verbal attack on Mara, all treating her as Audrey.

Audrey was able to appear again briefly, revealing that neither she nor Mara can remove the troubles from people. However the episode concluded with Mara taking over again and promising to kill Audrey.

The next episode of "Haven" airs Thursday, Oct. 9th at 8 p.m. on SyFy.