'Haven' S5 E3 Recap: Spotlight

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On tonight's episode of SyFy's "Haven" the town is threatened to be burned to ground by a deadly Trouble, while Nathan tries to protect Mara from a more domestic threat.

Tonight's episode began with the Nathan and Duke discussing how Audrey is gone for good, and how the wickedly evil Mara has taken over. Nathan is the only one hanging on to the idea that Audrey can be brought back; he loves herand desperately needs to get her back. Mitchell and another man arrive at their location wanting to kill Mara, saying that she is responsible for many deaths and will be the cause of many more.

Nathan warns her that the entire police department along with countless others are after her and that they need to disappear, and they hide out in a cabin in the woods.

Mara is vicious with her verbal attacks on Nathan, trying to cut deep into his emotions and feelings; however he does not budge as he is certain he can bring Audrey be.

Meanwhile Duke runs into Jodie and, after involuntarily shooting laser beams causing fire out of her stomach, she quickly fleas the scene. Hendrickson and Duke begin their investigation, however Jodie is still out torching different parts of the town.

Jodie's daughter helps give Duke and Hendrickson, however it is cut short by Hendrickson believing that Nathan is working with Mara instead of protecting her.

Mara tries to act like Audrey and use her seduction skills to break Nathan down, which work for a bit before Nathan is onto Mara.

Mara continuously bashes Nathan with verbal assaults, even trying to guilt trip into sleeping with her. Her cuts go even deeper as she brings up his feelings for Audrey and if she actually felt the same for him. While Mara is sleeping Audrey breaks lose for a second, telling Nathan how to best combat Mara.

He messages Duke, who keeps Nathan's message hidden from Hendrickson. Jodie shows up again the lasers start torching everything in sight.

They are able to stop the beams with a fire retardant blanket, and Duke realizes that Jodie needs light in order to survive.

It is then that Duke reveals he knows the whereabouts of Nathan and Mara, and promises Hendrickson he will bring them to him.

In the morning Nathan begins addressing Mara as Audrey hoping to get her out, all while Mara continues her deathly and vicious threats. He even tries discussing memories and doing things he used to do with Audrey, and somehow it is working.

Audrey makes a brief appearance again and tries to warn Nathan about something before Duke shows up, infuriating Nathan because he ruined his plan.

Mara's verbal abuse has now targeted Duke, and she knows that Duke is struggling holding a Trouble inside of him.

The episode concludes with Duke sending Nathan to dig up the spell book, while Mara remembers a romantic memory that Audrey had with Duke.

Mara tells Duke that he needs her if he wants to live and attempts to seduce him, which he rejects.

He agrees to let Mara do whatever she has to do, but Hendrickson bursts through the door before anything else can happen.

The next episode of "Haven" airs Thursday, Oct. 2nd at 8 p.m. on SyFy.