Have You Heard Rita Ora's New Single 'Body On Me' Ft. Chris Brown?

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New single from Rita Ora, "Body On Me," features Chris Brown. The song was premiered on The Cruz Show and was quickly added to Youtube.

The single comes off of her upcoming studio album. This album maybe big news for the singer, as it's her first album to be released in the United States. She has a first album, "Ora," that was only dropped in the United Kingdom and just never came over.

It might be because of the mixed reviews. Though recently, Ora single "I Will Never Let You Down," did considerably well.

"Body On Me," is definitely an Ora song with heavy beats and a build up from the verses to the chorus. Brown was a good choice in matching.

Their voices blend very nicely together, neither of them over powering the other, unless they mean to.

Would say that the lyrics are alright, honestly, they didn't really stick out. Doesn't mean the song isn't worth at least one play through because sound was it's all pleasant.

The upcoming U.S. debut, which will feature contributions from Ed Sheeran and Disclosure. Ora's album doesn't have a release date yet, but "Body On Me" will be available on August 7th.

Body on Me (Audio) ft. Chris Brown