Has Drake Been Hinting 'Views From The 6' Release on Halloween?

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As October closes fans have yet to see Drake's highly anticipated Views From The 6 album, despite the significance of the month to Drake and his OVO crew. However, Drake may have been hinting to the album release date all along.

"This that OVO Halloween gang, you know how I'm rocking already," are the lyrics of Drake and Future's "I'm The Plug". The rapper also referenced Halloween in "Jumpman."

Speculation among fans began to stir as to whether or not the Views From The 6 album could be coming on Halloween and Genius also directed the lyrics towards a possible response to the ghost writing accusations from Meek Mill, which resulted in a crippling "Back to Back" diss track from Drake.

It's highly unlikely that the Halloween lyric would equate itself to the explanation of a ghost writing accusation because it's pretty much been handled. It seems more reasonable to think that Drake may have been teasing the release date of Views From The 6 or continuing to push the fact that everyone should be afraid of his OVO crew.

If you recall, his lyrics on "Preach" assert that "hearing a scripture with that many sixes you should be afraid." It's safe to say that Drake may be continuing to assert his dominance with the Halloween mention.

View From The 6 is scheduled to release in 2015 and while Drizzy did not release it on his birthday this past weekend, fans still have Halloween to look forward.

That being said, if Views From The 6 does not release on Halloween, it will be extremely hard to gauge whether or not the album will be coming in 2015.

There's always Christmas right? In the meantime check out this clip of Drake dancing to Kodak Black's track titled, "SKRT." Once View From The 6 releases all the fans might be doing the "Hotline Bling" dance.