Has The BET Hip-Hop Awards Become A Forum To Diss Drake?: Murda Mook Follows Kendrick Lamar

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Rapper Murda Mook threatened Drakes lyrical career last night at the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards, following Kendrick Lamar's apparent diss from the year before is he the target for freestyles?

(Diss Below)

Last year Lamar claimed that he jumped over Drake and his OVO's and tucked him back in his pajamas and this year Mook threatened to cripple Drake's career.

So for a second year in the row another viciously hot verse has been released at the expense of Drake.

Sure it may be just a coincidence that for the second year he happens to be dissed, but this year he is dissed on his own instrumental which makes matters even worst.

At what point does Drake finally try to stand up for himself at the BET Hip-Hop Awards?

Every time a diss like this is generated towards Drake he is slightly reluctant to even discuss the situation but he needs to step up and make a claim. If the lyrical assault on Drake continues it is likely that the tactic will get old and that may be what he is waiting for.

His success doesn't seem to suffer from it as he has been continuously selling out arena's for the "Drake vs. Lil Wayne" tour, so that may be one reason completely dismiss any shade that is thrown his way.

If that is what he decides to do it might be fine with the die hard Drake fans.

On the other hand, how much of the Drake disses can his own fans take before they begin to wonder whether or not the rapper they support and enjoy at shows will stand up for himself and bring rap back into the battle mode.

Either way for the second year in a row an MC has managed generate a buzz through Drake, though neither Mook or Lamar needed a Drake diss to show that they are among the elite in the rap game today.

Check out the disses below

Murda Mooks Freestyle

Kendrick Lamar And TDE