Has Ashley Tisdale Built a Cosmetics Empire?

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It's been more than 10 years since the debut of the hit Disney movie, "High School Musical," and since then all of its stars have branched out into successful careers.

Zac Efron is constantly promoting a new movie, Vanessa Hudgens is seen out and about, modeling the latest fashions, and Ashley Tisdale? While quietly marrying, this starlet has also been working on a building a cosmetics empire.

Last year, Ashley Tisdale released her "Illuminate" make up line in partnership with BH Cosmetics. The line consists of lip glosses, eye shadows and blushes, with different shades and textures for every facial feature.

Tisdale, like many celebrities such as Lauren Conrad and Jessica Simpson, has channeled her small screen success into a lifestyle business with the hallmark of that business being a partnership in cosmetics.

Tisdale often discusses new releases in her cosmetics line on her lifestyle blog, "The Haute Mess." Tisdale launched the "The Haute Mess" as an online platform for female creatives, girl bosses & entrepreneurs to serve as a resource for career-driven women navigating through life.

Just how successful has Ashley Tisdale's make up line become? Well if her social media presence is any indicator, the line has attracted numerous fans.

Tisdale has now grown her Twitter following to 13.4 million followers and is considered one of the top celebrity tweeters, And her fans are constantly letting her know how much they adore her cosmetics line too.

More recently, Ashley Tisdale made headlines for a duet that she performed with bestie Vanessa Hudgens and released on her YouTube page.

While Tisdale will not be working on a High Musical revival anytime soon, she has released numerous covers of songs on her YouTube page. Her last album was released in 2009.

So what can we expect of Ashley Tisdale next? We'll just have to wait see if she goes from her successful cosmetics line and branches out into clothing.

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