Harry Potter's Net Worth: How Big Is The Boy Wizard's Fortune?

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For the past eighteen years, the Harry Potter world has dominated the entertainment business. Since its inception, fans have clung to the pages of author J.K. Rowling's seven books and preordered tickets for every movie. It's madness, I tell you. Pure, magical madness.

As Harry Potter fans, it's hard to believe the people we see in the films are just actors playing the characters we've grown to love so much. Using one's imagination, however, doesn't hurt anyone.

When it comes to money in the wizarding world, Rowling did her best to show diversity in class throughout her novels, but only so much. We know that the Weasley family falls short when it comes to money, but the Malfoy family finds little trouble when it comes to bribing a whole team with new Nimbus 2001s. What is a mystery, however, is how much money Harry has at the end of his adventures.

In the Sorcerer's Stone, we learn that Harry's parents left him a fortune in his vault at Gringotts Bank. But we're never told how much. What exactly is Harry Potter's net worth?

Here's the best possible answer: $4.6 billion USD.

According to the Harry Potter Wikipedia site, the currency used in the wizarding world consists of three different coins: Galleon, Sickle and Knut. They are made of gold, silver and bronze. It certainly gets confusing, so hang in there.

Hagrid explains the breakdown of these coins, and says there are 17 Sickles to a Galleon, 29 Knuts in a Sickle, and 439 Knuts to a Galleon. If one were to convert wizarding money to USD, for example, you'd find that one Galleon is equivalent to $7.35, one silver Sickle is $.46, and one Knut is $.02.

Phew. Little mind implosion there. Take a break if you need to.

It's hard to tell just how much Lily and James left Harry, but looking at the amount of gold portrayed in Harry's vault in the first film, it is safe to assume that there is about $2 billion USD, or 414,821,501 Galleons, 0 Sickles, and 7 Knuts (Oh yeah, I went there).

Let's face it: there were mounds of gold and silver in that thing.

Harry never seemed to have trouble with paying his tuition at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The wizarding private school, located in Scotland, can be compared to the Loretto School, which asks for about $15,000 per year from its students.

Also, take a look at the photo on its homepage. Does that look like The Great Hall or what?

Anyways, it looks like from the books and films Harry was able to pay for all six years at Hogwarts without needing financial aid. He even had enough splurging money to buy the whole trolley cart on the Hogwarts Express.

Money isn't an issue for this boy wizard.

If we were to compare the tuition at Hogwarts to Loretto School, Harry would have spent over $150,000 for his education including tuition, school supplies, dress robes, and other necessities. And with money to spare!

So, at age 11, Harry had about $2 billion in his vault. Must be nice to find out that you are a wizard and filthy rich on your birthday.

Throughout his years at Hogwarts, Harry hardly went into his trust fund (except to feed Ron), so we know he's into budgeting. In Goblet of Fire, Harry won 1,000 Galleons ($4,809 USD) for being the tri-wizard tournament champion.

As a wealthy young wizard, however, he decided to hand it over to Fred and George Weasley so they could start their own joke shop. Who needs an extra 1,000 Galleons anyway, right, Harry?

Harry's wealth doesn't stop there, however. When Sirius Black died, Harry then inherited all of the Black family's wealth. Bellatrix tried to step in the way, but Molly Weasley made sure that Harry could keep all of his unearned cash. As an old, pure-blood family like the Potters, it's safe to assume that the Black family was worth around $2.5 billion.

So, Harry gained a net worth of $4.5 billion USD without breaking a sweat. Sure, he lost every family member he ever had, but at least he could buy the entire wizarding world. Life is all about balance.

Nuts, right? You think that would be the end of it, but older Harry has a job! After Harry defeats the Dark Lord and takes back Hogwarts, he eventually becomes an Auror within the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. This, according to the Harry Potter Wikipedia site, would make him equivalent to police officers or the military. I would have to disagree here.

An Auror's job is to protect the wizarding world from harm through research, undercover work, and plenty of magical skill. This sounds more like a CIA agent to me, and their salaries range from $70K-100K per year.

With Harry being the Chosen One and one of the most beloved wizards of all time, his salary is sure to be on the $100K mark.

It would be hard to tell the amount of awards or donations Harry received after defeating Lord Voldemort, but having a net worth of $4.6 billion USD (956,389,452 Galleons 5 Sickles 19 Knuts) is certainly enough for any one.

Maybe share the wealth, Potter? Just a thought.

Come back for a breakdown of the net worth of Albus Dumbledore. (Hint: it's way less.)

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