Guy Rides His Bike On A Strangers Lamborghini Murcielago: What Would You Do?

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There are people in the world who understand spending thousands of dollars on a supercar, people who don't get it and then there are people who don't care and would rather use a roughly $300,000 car as a ramp.

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A video posted by Josh Navarro (@ajourneythroughtime) on

The video above was posted to the Reddit video page and has been rising up the ranks on the website.

It originated from the Instagram page of Josh Navarro, "an explorer" and apparent BMX biker from what it looks like on his social media account.

The day is picturesque, a sunny day with the American and Irish flags flying high in the wind. Some folks inside of a Jake's restaurant are having a meal while some outside walk around without a care.

Out front sits this gorgeous, orange Lamborghini Murcielago looking as if it literally owns block.

As a waiter walks by out of no where comes a BMX biker who jumps onto the Lamborghini and rides down it like a ramp at X-Games.

There probably was little to no damage on the Murcielago in the end but the waiters reaction pretty much sums up what anyone who saw that would be thinking. "What the heck?" One of the hashtags in ajourneythroughtime's Instagram post read #RideEverything and it doesn't look like they were kidding at all.

This might be one of the most expensive ramps that anyone has ever ridden down that isn't made of wood. We can't help but wonder what the owner of the Lamborghini would say if he saw this video.

Check out Navarro's funny pizza stunt video below.