Green Day Talks 'Revolution Radio' Performs Live and More On The Stern Show

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Punk sensation Green Day is getting ready to release its latest album Revolution Radio and the guys stopped by he Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to chat about the new album and also performed live.

Stern welcomed the band to the show and said they were using a similar setup than that of their concerts. He said he wanted to celebrate the band's longevity in the business as Billie Joe Armstrong pointed out that they have been playing since 1987.

He also stated that playing festivals are much different now because of the lineups.

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"Howard asked if it's still fun. Billie Joe said it's more fun now than ever. He said they can do their own thing and not worry about it," according to a MarksFriggin rundown.

"Howard asked if you last a long time then the pressure is off. Billie Joe said that's about it.

He said they've been mischievous and they've been hard to deal with in the past. He said they have so much history and experience now they can just carry it with them."

Stern pointed out that Armstrong knew he always wanted to pursue music because his dad was a jazz drummer and music was always around him as a kid. He started out with a piano and recorded his first record at the age of 5.

Meanwhile, Stern added Mike Dirnt didn't have the ideal childhood as he was adopted. However, he and Armstrong met at the age of 10 when their schools merged.

"Howard asked about the hall of fame and if they heard the criticism that Steve Miller gave the hall of fame," according to MF.

"Billie said a lot of people are down on it. Billie said they're being honored so why be negative about it. He said it's just whatever."

The band also chatted about the first couple of albums including Dookie and also shared some of their writing and recoridng process.

"Howard played their song 'Longview' and asked if it came out quickly. Mike said it took about a year to write," according to MF.

"Howard asked if the bass line came quick. Mike said it came to him while he was on LSD. He said the second half he wrote sober."

In terms of their latest single, titled, "Band Bang," Armstrong said the track was actually inspired by the mass shootings that plague America.

"Howard said the new single is called 'Bang Bang' and he's wondering what that's about. Billie said it's about the mass shooting culture in America," according to MF.

"Billie said it kind of comes with the social media rantings and it's sick to watch. Billie said people are filming this stuff on their own and it's like we're terrorizing ourselves."

The band also played a couple of tracks that included, "Welcome to Paradise" and "Revolution Radio." It was a pretty awesome interview with Stern and Green Day just days before the October 7 release of Revolution Radio.

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