Grace Helbig Teaches Secrets of 'How to Handle Embarassment'

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Advice and ad placement are the topics of this Grace Helbig video. The YouTuber has made a video to show her viewers "How to Handle Embarrassment."
(Video Below)

Every deals with embarrassment. From silly things that happen on accident to secondhand embarrassment from your friend doing something really stupid. Embarrassment is everywhere.

Helbig deals with a lot of embarrassment. Not that that should be surprising to regular viewers. Helbig has come up with steps on how to deal with your embarrassment aka how she handles it.

The video is like a reaction video to the one she did for Clearasil. Helbig talked about a time when she had about a time a pimple was the cause of an embarrassing situation. She takes you through the steps one by one.

Some she even provides short video clips of examples, mostly staring Mamrie Hart.

Helbig has a lot of steps for this process but no worries they can all be remembered with the anagram C.L.E.A.R.A.S.I.L.