'Gotham' Series Premiere Recap, S1 E1

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On the premiere of Fox's new series "Gotham," the origins of the Batman series characters and storylines are explained as rookie detective James Gordon battled corruption and villains as he investigated the murders of Bruce Wayne's parents in the pre-Batman era of Gotham City.

The pilot episode began with the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, the parents of the infamous character Bruce Wayne. Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie from "The O.C." and his partner Harvey Bullock, played by Donal Logue. The tension between the parents is clear right from the start, as Bullock calls Gordon out for being too nice to handle Gotham.

However despite their disagreements the two work well as partners. Gordon and Bruce start to develop a friendship early on, and the emotional toll this investigation has on Gordon is obvious.

His fiancee, Barbara Kean, has a dark side and potentially dark history, but that has yet to be revealed to viewers.

The original villains from the Batman series have their origins revealed. Edward Nygma, aka the Riddler, works with the detectives as forensic scientist, and fright from the start he is already feeding them riddles to solve.

Gang boss Fish Mooney is played by Jada Pinkett Smith, and has with Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Oswald Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin, as her assistant.

It is clear that these villainous characters have a powerful stance in Gotham City and it will be interesting to see each of their stories play out during the season.

Bullock and Gordon follow a lead towards Mario Pepper, a common street thug, who has a daughter named Ivy, who could potentially play out to be the character Poision Ivy. While talking with Pepper, he perp tries fleaing the scene, but he is later shot by Bullock while fighting Gordon.

In the apartment they find the pearls that belonged to Martha Wayne, thus marking the first true accomplishment of Gordon in Gotham City.

However Cobblepot later reveals to detectives Montoya and Allen that Pepper was framed, because he saw his boss Mooney with the pearls.

Gordon now has a reputation of being a corrupt police offer, and he is out to continue his investigation of the Wayne murders while also fixing his reputation. Gordon meets with Mooney and it is clear there is tension between the two as he is on to her. She knocks him unconscious and he is brought to a meat plant by her henchman.

Bullock shows up and in a phone conversation with Mooney it is revealed the two have been long-time friends but that the police are now onto her because of a snitch; he also threatened her that if she kills Gordon he will go after her.

Her quick temper takes over and has Bullock hung up with Gordon as her prisoners.

Carmine Falcone, a corrupt and very powerful individual in Gotham City, come to save Gordon and Lubbock. He reveals to Gordon that Pepper was only framed so the city saw quick justice and its people felt safer.

Falcone also clues Gordon in on the corruption that exists in the city.

Later Bullock has captured Cobblepot, who was found out as the snitch, and tells Gordon that Falcone wants him to kill him so everyone knows he is, "on board." He was threatened that if he doesn't go through with what they want he will be killed, along with his loved ones.

Gordon walks Cobblepot to the edge of a pier. Cobblepot tells him that there is a war coming in the streets, and pleas for his life. Gordon acts like he shoots him into the water to fool Bullock, but in reality he shot past Cobblepot and only shoved him into the water, sparing his life and telling him to never return to Gotham.

Later he met with Bruce and Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce's butler and now guardian.

He tells them that Pepper was not his parents killer, and Bruce shows his first signs that he wants to be a vigilante.

The episode concludes with Cobblepot emerging in the water and then killing an innocent fisherman for his food; thus The Penguin has been born.

The pilot episode of "Gotham" does a good job of showing how dark Gotham City and its people are. It set viewers up for a suspenseful season full of interesting storylines and character development. Fans of the Batman series will enjoy the show as it will explain a lot of the aspects of the characters, including their origins.

The next episode of "Gotham" airs Monday, Sept. 29th at 8 p.m. on Fox.