'The Good Wife' S2 E2 Recap: Switching Sides

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Tonight's all new "The Good Wife" a legal crisis brought troubles to Florrick/Agos as they not only tried to hold onto a major client, but also recruit Diane away from Lockhart/Garnder.

Florrick/Agos meanwhile is dealing with the legal crisis of Cary, and one of their firm's biggest clients has helped to pay the $ 1.3 million bail. The legal crisis that the firm is dealing with puts them in potential of losing one of their biggest clients, Mr.

Bishop, who claimed that if he was called to testify he would leave their firm. During an early court hearing that is exactly what happened as the prosecution was able to subpoena him.

Unfortunately for Cary, Bishop withdrew the bail money, and it seems that evidence is all stacking up against him. Florrick/Agos' people were able to investigate some of Bishop's crew as they tried to find witnesses to help Cary's case, however one of the men was wearing a wire which can severely hurt their strategy.

The crew member wearing the wire was left off the witness list, and later one of the two other men who would help Cary's case by testifying was found dead, supposedly a murder set up by Bishop.

The power is Florrick/Agos may be shifting as well, as Diane announced her resignation from Lockhart/Garnder to secretly join Florrick/Agos. Diane does her best to recruit Dean and other high-class lawyers along the way, who at first seem to reluctant, but eventually join her.

The firm is now known as Florrick, Agos & Lockhart. The firm then finds a way to raise the $1.3 million to bail Cary out of prison.

Alicia may be on the move too, however, as a politician tried to convince her to run for State's Attorney. However little does she know that this politician was convinced to do so by Alicia's husbands chief of staff Eli Gold.

Alicia received the bail money from someone who is obviously trying to convince her to run, and she confronts Eli for his behavior, sticking to her story that she is not running.

The next episode of "The Good Wife" airs Sunday, Oct. 5th at 9 p.m. on CBS.