Good Charlotte Returns With It's 'Youth Authority' Album

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In what seems to be the year that marks the return of many of the 90's punk bands, Good Charlotte makes it's return with the latest album titled, Youth Authority.

It's a pretty incredible offering from a band who is continuing to transcend generations with the same formula.

While life may have changed, Good Charlotte still maintains their classic punk rock sound, especially in the opening track, "Life Changes." The song is pretty powerful as it really stands as a message of always giving life your all despite all of the changes that may happen.

It's also a reminder that through it all, Good Charlotte is still together and pumping out great music like the tracks on Youth Authority.

"Makeshift Love" is a special summer rock song that is perfect for new lovers and those who are still going strong. "40 oz.

Dream" is a pretty good reminder of just how far the band has come.

The song points out that all of the rockers are over 40 and coaching little league. From the old days of drinking beer and partying to becoming dads and having responsibilities, it gives fans a little insight into their life.

The lead single of the album "Life Can't Get Much better" reminds us all to stay in the present and life the life that makes us the happiest.

These four tracks are just a preview of some pretty strong tracks from Good Charlotte. You can hear the newest Good Charlotte tracks off Youth Authority which is out now.