'Goldbergs' Review Season 2: David Spade and Mixtape Creation Recap

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Beverly, Barry, Murray and the whole crew are back for a second season with a guest star appearance by David Spade.

In this episode, Adam creates a mixtape for Dana, except his mom thinks the tape is for her. And honestly in the 80's, who didn't create a mixtape for someone?

Erica gets a fake ID and Barry wants in. Murray responses with "Whatever you two are up to, I'm not bailing you out". That is solid 80's parenting.

Adam gets into a weird situation where it feels like he is dating his mother and Beverly interprets it as mother/son bonding. He mistakenly lets his mother listen to the mix-tape and she thinks it is for her.

And then David Spade makes his appearance as a creepy photo-store employee that creates fake IDs. He doesn't overplay it and lets the rest of the cast shine.

It is great to see a star like David Spade getting involved in 'The Goldbergs'. It was uncertain whether or not a show like this could get big stars considering none of the cast started out as famous (except MAYBE Murray).

This does seem like a singular episode with David Spade, but it would be great if he became a regular. Hard to say, but our fingers are crossed. I mean what is David Spade up to anyways?

Erica and Barry of course get busted due to some stupidity from Barry and Barry 'borrows' his fathers ID. But in the end, everything works out for everyone, just like every good 80's show. Welcome back Goldbergs!