Glenn Beck Talks Growing Up, Donald Trump & More On Howard Stern

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Fellow radio personality Glenn Beck joined Howard Stern for his Sirius XM radio show to discuss a wide array of topics from his mother's influence growing up and his thoughts on Donald Trump running for president, to Rachel Delozal.

Beck began the show by joking back and forth with Stern before they dove into a few deeper topics. While talking about his start in radio, Beck said that he was an alcoholic but didn't know he was according to a MarksFriggin wrap-up.

Beck stated that he was doing both Fox News and radio at the same time and it almost killed him.

When Stern asked him about his current health state, Beck stated that he had Macular Dystrophy that has since gone away but can come back at any time.

Later on Beck admitted that he found out his mother was an alcoholic but not until things started to take a turn for the worst.

"He said he figured that out just before she died. Glenn said that he realized that she was really sick," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said his parents were divorced and she moved away and got into alcohol. He said she was dating a guy who was an old Navy captain. He was hard drinking and hard living. He said that guy was abusing her. He said that he went to hit her in front of him and he jumped between the two.

He said he kicked the guy out. Glenn said he's not a tough guy but he kicked the guy out.

He said a week later his mother said that he was never going to do it again but he wanted to talk to him.

Glenn said he talked to the guy and he eventually came back into the house. Then a month later his mother died."

Stern's guest also denied touring with Sarah Palin but admitted that he had gone on his own tour.

"Howard asked what he thinks about Trump," according to MarksFriggin. "Glenn said he's not sure he's serious about running. Howard said he isn't either. Glenn said he thinks it's all for credibility. He said it's a laughable candidacy."

Beck gave a pretty funny answer when Stern asked him about the Rachel Delozal scandal that has been huge in the news lately.

"Genn said she's white," reported MarksFriggin. "He said this is where we've gotten to in America. He said on Thursday you're either white or black.

Friday it's a mystery. Saturday you start to question it. He said that's what's going on in this country."

The interview was quite entertaining and Beck revealed a lot about his past that many might not have known existed.

He remained solid and supportive on his opinions and Stern said it was a pleasure to have him on the show.

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