Give Up With Shia Labeouf's De-Motivational Speech

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The Shia Labeouf motivational meme has taken the internet by storm. Any scene in a movie or situation that needs a little push was upgraded with Labeouf in the background, yelling at them to just do it.

But the new twist of the meme might be the funniest yet.

Labeouf's project with a group of college filmmakers where he paces in front of a green background and delivers a speech about just doing it. The original video has been cut down to the moments when Labeouf is completely lost in the emotion that he seems to be acting more wild.

While funny, the video is only used for giving characters a boost. But what if it was edited for the opposite effect.

The video posted by FriedCup does just that. It takes portions of the original video and edits them together to make it more of a de-motivational speech.

Instead of persuading you to go for your dreams, Labeouf is now yelling at you to give them up.

There's no more hope and in the world and Labeouf is just trying to get you to keep your dreams in your dreams.

Demotivational Shia