'Girls' Season 3, Episode 11 Recap

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Just in case you missed it, here's a quick recap of last night's episode of 'Girls', character by character:

In an act of supposed self-liberation, Hannah gets fired from---err, quits---her advertising job. Watching Adam's acting career blossom while her own writing suffers finally pushes her to the edge.

Although she could have been a tad more tactful about the whole thing (it is Hannah we're talking about here, after all), it is kind of satisfying to see her take charge of her life rather than just settle for being the totally selfless and supportive girlfriend.

It's doubtful whether or not she'll actually commit to her goals, but the gesture was pretty bad-ass, nonetheless.

The deeper Adam gets involved in his play, the more he appears to withdraw from his relationship with Hannah. Despite shacking up with Ray, he still can't get the space he needs to concentrate; Hannah insists on making little nightly visits and irritating him to no end with all of her nagging insecurities.

He's already getting fed up and it seems inevitable that he's going to give up trying to reassure her altogether. Could we really blame him if he did?

Just when Marnie seems to be regaining control of her life, her self esteem takes another hard hit and she finds herself back in Ray's bed.

She's had a pretty rough time this past season, what with being dumped twice, fired from her job, and publicly humiliated multiple times.

Her new, guitar-playing love interest seems kind of slimy, and we hope, for her sake, she realizes that before she makes yet another regrettable mistake.

Ray begins the episode by bragging about his independence. By the end of the episode, however, he proves yet again to be at Marnie's beck and call.

Now that Hannah knows about he and Marnie, it's only a matter of time before word gets to Sosh. We wonder how she'll take it.

Now that Jessa is sober, she has a ton of pent up energy and it looks like she might actually do something productive with it (oh boy!).

Luck lands her a personal assistant position with an artist at Soo-Jin's gallery, much to Marnie's annoyance. Hopefully it doesn't end like the nanny gig or the job at the children's clothing boutique.

Sosh continues to be the voice of reason and the biggest trendsetter on the show this season (have you seen her hairstyles??).

Though there hasn't been a whole lot going on with her over the past couple of episodes, we have to admit, we do like this new, brutally honest, and fashionably fearless Sosh.