'Girls' Season 3, Episode 10 Recap

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In case you missed it, the last episode of 'Girls' was even more cringe-inducing than normal (and that's saying a lot).

Though Jess, Shosh, and Marnie all make appearances, Adam and Hannah's steadily unraveling relationship was the focus of the episode.

Despite reassurance from Adam, Hannah has not forgotten Patti LuPone's warning about dating actors. When she begins to worry that Adam is bored with their sex life, Elijah prompts her to spice things up a bit. As expected, ridiculousness ensues.

Hannah surprises Adam with a little role-play, hoping to awaken his old fetishes. Her attempts at being sultry, however, register as just plain silly, and the whole thing reads like a bad porno; sporting a platinum wig and talking like a character out of a Dashiell Hammet novel, she pretends to be a sex-starved housewife named Kim. 'Kim' leads Adam back to the apartment her neglectful husband has made her hole up in (a.k.a Marnie's place) and the real seduction begins--a la Hannah eating strawberries while crouching naked on Marnie's bed.

Hannah's plan pans out relatively successfully--despite the fact that Adam is punched in the face by a stranger at one point--up until they start to get hot and heavy. The night ends with Adam admitting that he needs space and announcing his plan to crash at Ray's apartment indefinitely.

Hannah, oblivious to other people's emotions as usual, is left bewildered.

Though hard to watch at times, we witness some significant character development in this episode; Adam, who had no real aspirations when we first met him, is now beginning to show signs of growing up. Now that he has found his calling, he seems to be less reliant on Hannah.

His refusal to take on the role of "the highschool weirdo" during their sex play is an assertion of this new, self-aware Adam.

He wants "to fuck and be sweet"--that is, to leave his sexual hangups behind and express his love in a more honest way.

Hannah, on the other hand, still has a lot of growing to do.

Though Adam has been supportive of all her creative endeavors, she views his new-found success as a threat and childishly goes about trying to reclaim his attention. Once again, she lets her neurosis and self-involvement drive others away.

Though season 3 has dealt with some pretty serious topics (the loss of a loved, the deterioration of friendships, family turmoil, and substance abuse), this is by far the most distressing event that has happened yet.

Is this really the end for the OTP, or will they somehow manage to patch things up?