Girl Freaks Out Over Minion Posts On Facebook, 'They're Slaves'

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Someone does not enjoy "Despicable Me" or the lovable little minion characters. A girl records a very "passionate" video urging all of her Facebook followers and friends to stop sending her messages and post about minions.

(Video Below)

The hilarious video has already began circulating Reddit, and shows a girl who is completely fed up with minions and don't worry she even gives her reasoning.

"Stop sending me pictures of minions over Facebook," said the girl in the video.

"I don't want to hear it, I don't want to see it and I don't want to hear you guys blabbing on about minions.

I don't want to keep talking about this subject, but if you guys are going to keep reminding about it ever single day I breathe then yes I am going to bring it up more and more."

The video was posted to the Andrew Russell YouTube Channel.

In his caption he says that it's not his video and was uploaded to YouTube so that he could make it his ringtone. That's kinda weird but pretty funny at the same time.

As for why she hates minions so much, the girl says:

"First of all they're slaves, they're slaves," say said passionately. "They're like little tiny yellow slaves, it's like I found out a theory about them okay. What race is yellow? And in what place is everything made in due to child slavery?" she questioned.

Then we got the answer, "China!" she shouted emphatically, "minions are Chinese children, see my dog over there, I trained him to hate minions. Right now he's chewing up a minion. He hates minions just like me!"

You really just have to see this one to believe it, check out the video below.

Girl Freaks Out Over Minion Posts on Facebook