Girl Does Bobby Shmurda's 'Shmoney Dance' During A Band Routine: Puts 'Drumline' To Shame

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In a video posted to, a girl leading her band turns all the way up with some dance moves that happen to include Bobby Shmurda's "Shmoney Dance."

(Video Below)

Shmurda may be in a very sticky situation but his dance is still flourishing everywhere. The video starts out with a group of people cheering before the action even starts.

The music then turns into a band take on some popular hip-hop songs. The band leader puts on a choreographed display of dance moves that got the fans going insane.

Following her first set of moves she and her band prepared for the grand finale that included the classic "Shmoney Dance." This is one band performance that would put any of the performances in the movie "Drumline" to shame.

As of right now the video has over almost 200,000 views on WorldStarHipHop and it's still counting.

"Rapper Bobby Shmurda was a "driving force" in a gang that committed murders and other violent crimes ... this according to NY prosecutors," according to a TMZ report.

Watch This Girl Turn Up With Her Band