Is Gianluca Vacchi A Tamed Dan Bilzerian? : Explains The Reason For His Tattoos

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Money, beautiful women and lavish living are three things that Gianluca Vacchi and Dan Bilzerian have in common but which one of these two are the most tamed?

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Vacchi is an Italian entrepreneur who has been in the media for his vacation in Sardinia with Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez while the two had their fling. Now he is promoting something he calls the GV Lifestyle.

There is an entire website dedicated to the way he lives his life filled with fashion, adventure, nature and famous quotes.

Vacchi is very flashy but his ability to utilize his money in artistic ways and his more tamed nature separates him from Bilzerian.

In an interview Vacchi was asked why he had so many tattoos, Vacchi posted the translation of his answer with a short video excerpt to Instagram and the caption read,"Interview: why you have so many tatoos? 'We live the age of compromise, and there's a moment in life where you have to decide if you want to be dirty inside or outside....i decided to be dirty outside #GVlifestyle.'"

Bilzerian on the other hand, is known for being a playboy and toting big guns. His fun comes from pure adrenaline filled un-adult rated mayhem.

HE can be seen crushing BMW's and blowing up SUV's living the rather untamed lifestyle.

The professional poker player is living everyday as if it will be his last and in his latest YouTube video the title says it all, "Class is for the middle class."

Vacchi is busy focusing on fashion and quoting Eleanor Roosevelt, as one of his latest Instagram photos caption read, "Yesterday is history Tomorrow is mistery Today is a gift , that's why they call it the present" E.Roosevelt @jogiorgiajo #GVlifestyle." The actual quote's source is unknown but the quote itself is a testament to the Vacchi's train of thought.

Vacchi is also selling t-shirts with the hashtag written across it on his website for those who are feeling extra inspired.

When it comes to these two millionaires it is the whole red pill/blue pill scenario.

Any situation would be ideal for someone looking to spice up their life, but if they wanted to live a bit longer, Vacchi's approach may be the way to go.

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