Gianluca Vacchi Shows Off His Fitness At Age 47

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Instagram may be full of fitness models and buff individuals trying to sell you some type of protein shake or health drink.

However, it's also full of rich, fit people who love showing off their body like Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi.

1,40 lunghezza su altezza 70cm 8 ripetizioni 5 volte con pausa 1 minuto Enjoy #GVlifestyle

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Vacchi is 47-years-old but from the neck down he's one of the fittest people you will find on Instagram. He's also not modest at all when it comes to showing off his fitness and snapping photos of himself that highlights his physique.

In the photo below, Vacchi doesn't show too much of his cut physique but what fans and followers can see are his countless amounts of tattoos that you wouldn't expect to see on him giving his clean-cut sense of style.

Workout time... #GVlifestyle

A photo posted by GV (@gianlucavacchi) on

47.... Enjoy #GVlifestyle

A photo posted by GV (@gianlucavacchi) on

The photos should serve as somewhat of a motivator for men who are looking to get into shape.

Above you can tell from the caption that Vacchi knows that he looks incredibly fit for his age and uses a smiley face to continue to carry his point across and appeal to the ladies.

He lives what he calls the "GV Lifestyle." It's pretty lavish with expensive cars, trips, Italian suits and other expensive clothes as well as tending to business when necessary.

Crazy hat.... #GVlifestyle #happinessbrand

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Mens sana in corpore sano... Enjoy #GVlifestyle

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