Get To Know: Zomboy On Tour

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Joshua Mellody, also known by his stage name Zomboy, recently made a stop in Pittsburgh to perform at The Rex Theater in Southside alongside his touring companion Cookie Monsta.

The 'Outbreak Tour', sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks, has reached its halfway point, with the rest of the summer to go traveling around the country.

Having the chance to catch up with Zomboy in the tour bus before the show, we discussed with the world renowned dubstep DJ how he got his start in the music industry, some of his favorite touring memories so far on the 'Outbreak Tour', and what he's most looking forward to for the rest of his summer and tour.

Having been in bands when he was younger, Zomboy always had an interest in music.

"Where I grew up, there was nothing but bands, and certainly no such thing as electronic music," Zomboy explained of his musical start.

"I was very much into hardcore and metal bands, doing little tours around our local hometown areas.

From there, I decided I was fed up with performing in bands so I moved on to producing bands and started my own little recording studio."

Zomboy decided he wanted to get serious and step foot in the music industry by moving to London to obtain his degree in sound engineering at ACM, shortly moving forward to full-time music production after.

"One day, someone showed me Skrillex and I was like, "WOAH, it's like electronic music and metal music slammed together, this is PERFECT!" I had no interest in dance music until then," he raved about his first inspiration to get into producing electronic music.

With the early inspiration of Skrillex, Reso and Rusko - Zomboy released his first EP 'Game Time', which was only just the beginning of his ongoing successful music career.

Now, he is one of the most dominating bass DJs in the world. The crazy schedule and fast life doesn't stop Zomboy from continuously gaining new musical inspiration.

"Everyone who is pretty high up in the game and who I get to hear a lot are all pretty influential," Zomboy stated about being influenced by new artists and releases. "I am constantly touring and it's so hard to keep track with who is releasing what, but I definitely try my hardest.

I also listen to a lot of experimental rock and acoustic music. It doesn't really reflect in my own music, but it really puts me in a musical mind."

As mentioned before, Zomboy has officially reached the half-way marker on his ongoing summer 'Outbreak Tour', with festival performances in between, but what city is he most looking forward to performing in this summer?

"I hate to be biased, but the Texas run. Houston, Dallas and Austin, I just love Texas," the artist admitted.

"I want to play a lot of music, shoot a lot of guns and drive lots of cars. A guy's dream!"

The tour wraps up in early August and from there, instantly expect a new album release from the busy artist.

"The day I fly home from this tour in early August, my new album will come out," Zomboy said with excitement and anticipation.

"I've been filling up my set with brand new material during this tour, which is great and the crowds are really seeming to love it!"

For more information and a list of remaining 'Outbreak Tour' dates, visit, and stay tuned for more information on the release of Zomboy's new upcoming album, dropping in early August.