Gavin Rossdale & Howard Stern Talk Gwen Stefani, 'Man On The Run' Album

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Gavin Rossdale stopped by the Howard Stern show to talk about Bush and their upcoming album "Man On The Run" as well as discussing the first time he met Gwen Stefani and working with her on "The Voice."

Stern commented on Gwen being sexiest woman alive to which Rossdale responded she's great. According to, a website that releases a transcript of the Howard Stern show, Rossdale met Gwen and knew that it was love at first sight.

While doing a sound check in an arena and she was out there roller skating to which Stern asked if she was trying to get his attention, according to the transcript.

When Stern questioned Rossdale on whether he ever discussed that with Stefani he said that she could have gone on the outside to skate but she came in to watch him.

The response came to Rossdale as he recollected how Stefani would be at the back staring on to the stage and how he'd be watching her.

He said whenever it came time for hem to take her away from the stage he would be deflated.

The discussion of The Voice came up and Rossdale said that Stefani takes the show very seriously. He was told by their joint manager that Stefani wanted him to be a mentor on the show.

Rossdale looked at it to be good for promotion and he agreed to go with the times as stated in the transcript.

He says that Stefani freaked out and got upset about the whole thing, according to the transcript. He was shocked because he didn't realize that she wanted to be more herself other than just his wife.

As a result Rossdale says woke up at 4:45 in the morning and resigned from the show.

Rossdale felt awkward about it and he didn't want to compete with her career. Stefani also shared the same sentiment as she said, "It was just awkward, We've only collaborated on making babies," according to

He said after the two discussed it the next morning she was okay with the situation.

In regards to his band Bush, Rossdale says that the band was broken up for awhile but they are back together and set to release a new album "Man On The Run." Rossdale says his band didn't fall out, they drifted.

While on the show he also gave the world premiere of the new single, "The Only Way Out" is about the only way out being through and right into the heart of all of these problems you have, according to

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