Gavin MacFadyen (MacFayden): The Mysterious Death of Another Wikileaks Associate

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The Centre for Investigative Journalism announced today that Gavin MacFadyen, a Wikileaks advocate and mentor to Julian Assange has died.

In and of itself, this wouldn't be such big news. However, the strange circumstances, along with the recent deaths of other Wikileaks associates makes the circumstances much stranger.

Note that Wikileaks spells the name incorrectly -- it's MacFadyen not MacFayden.

Who was Gavin MacFadyen?

Gavin MacFadyen was a journalist and founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism. According to the Centre for Investigative Journalism, MacFadyen founded the organization in 2003. Since then, he has helped break several major stories, and has trained many journalists.

He was a mentor to Julian Assange as well as an official director of Wikileaks.

Here's an interesting interview of Gavin MacFadyen :

So what was so suspicious of Gavin MacFadyen's death?

Several things have made this death seem a bit strange.

The way in which Wikileaks announced MacFadyen's death was strange, simply posting a picture of MacFadyen without any comment. Internet investigators quickly latched onto the photo and identified MacFadyen and rumors started to float.

But Wikileaks also posted an additional message that made the death seem strange:

Bloody year? That was only compounded by the fact that Wikipedia was edited to say that Gavin MacFadyen had died of a "short illness." What is a short illness? That's not clear.

But what makes Gavin MacFadyen's death seem stranger is...

What makes this death seem so much stranger is that beyond the deaths above, there was another mysterious death of a Wikileaks associated individual earlier in the year.

Seth Rich, a lower level DNC staffer, who was set to testify in the Clinton email case, was shot to death in Washington. Julian Assange spoke of the case in a TV interview (quoted from Newsweek):

Such sinister notions might have evaporated had not Julian Assange hurled a thunderbolt into the affair a few weeks later. The WikiLeaks impresario, still penned up in Ecuador's London embassy as he dodges a rape allegation in Sweden, announced he was offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the Rich case. He hinted darkly that the slain man had been a source in his organization's recent publication of 30,000 internal DNC emails. The fallout from that embarrassment had led to the firing of several top Democratic Party officials.

"What are you suggesting?" a startled interviewer from Dutch television asked him.

"I am suggesting," Assange said, "that our sources, ah, take risks, and they, they become concerned to see things occurring like that." His organization later "clarified" on Twitter that "this should not be taken to imply that Seth Rich was a source for WikiLeaks or to imply that his murder is connected to our publications."

Then again...

All of that said, Gavin MacFadyen was 76 years old and at least one person who claims to know him says gw had cancer for several years. So it's not too surprising that he may have died.

Another person, who is believed to be MacFadyen's grandson said he had cancer as well:

Our take: although a lot of people related to Wikileaks have died recently, and a lot of those deaths were extremely suspicious, this particular one appears to be an unfortunate coincidence. We wish the best to MacFadyen's family and friends.

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