Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 2 Review Purple Wedding and Men that look like middle-aged Lesbians

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This is a very sad day for me.

Not only did they kill my favorite character but one of my all time favorite doppelgangers has lost it's relevance.

This doppelganger is a "men that look like middle aged lesbians special". One of my most important as well as wordiest doppelganger categories.

While this one was kind of obvious and didn't exactly take any real skill to finger. The skill here was in finding the right angles and the right expressions. And to call them lesbians.

I find it extremely selfish of George R. R. Martin to ruin this doppelganger for me. Also, I think it was a bad idea to kill the only character with no redeemable qualities.

I was on an island, often defended him and comparing him to Justin Bieber - in that fame and money and power at such a young age will corrupt even the most pure souls.

He didn't have a chance. Khaleesi, on the other hand, is old enough to know better.

We can only hope that stuck up bitch will die a more fulfilling death.



We spent the entire show waiting for this moment. And that was the best they could do.

That was like a 5 hour session of Sting-style tantric sex only to ejaculate a cloud of dust.

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