Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 1 Review

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This is not really a review.

I'd really love to be a reviewer and I sat here and tried.

And tried.

It's just....


Let me think of a gentelmanly way to put this.

It's just that there's a certain amount of sex a person can have where they become unable to keep track of all the names of Game of Thrones characters.

I reached it 2 1/2 seconds into my first blow job .

That said, I love this show anyway. And that is a testament the force has become.

Story, story, story.

I will forgive the immeasurable amount of names and characters and retarded accents if your story captures my heart.

They could be staging sword fights with dildos and anal beads and I'd still be on the edge of my seat, tasting sweat on my upper lip.

The most notable part of this episode, however, is not the story. It's how much the Hound and Ellen Page Jr. resemble Leon the Professional and Mathilda.

My art is doppelgangers and it is not limited to looks. It also covers essence.

Anyway, someone should be mailing Luc Besson a check because George R.R.. Martin & David Benioff sucked out his soul like Shang Tsung.

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