The Game & Stitches Beef Might Get Real Soon

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Hip-hop has been introduced to all sorts of beefs this year and the newest one between The Game and Stitches might be heating up as Stitches responds to The Game shortly after receiving a video from the Compton rapper.

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The Game is claiming that he did not in fact send Stitches any DM's on Instagram despite screenshots posted to Stitches' Instagram page. The Game even said that he was not scared of Stitches and he would put hands on Stitches.

So far any talk about guns has been shied away from and it appears that both rappers would rather settle the beef one on one with their fists.

In response to The Game's video, Stitches told him to stop talking through Instagram and meet him up.

It's unclear where all of the beef came from but it looks like Stitches gripe comes from Game saying that he had his back. He then proceeded to make a diss track titled, "Game Over." Stitches came after The Game for going after Young Thug and also said that he understands why 50 Cent dropped him from G-Unit. As fans already know, Stitches has been beefing with Tyga as well and makes sure to include him in the diss track.

Stitches continues to call out rappers but we've yet to see an actual confrontation on both sides. The beefs seem to come out of nowhere.

That being said, The Game doesn't appear to be afraid of Stitches vice versa. Will a showdown happen?

And you said sorry to young thug on camera . Don't be mad I put yo pussy ass on blast

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