Gal Gadot's Salary For Her Performance In Wonder Woman Was Pretty Low

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Gal Gadot's salary in Wonder Woman was much lower compared to the first outings of her male counterparts.

This is quite disappointing considering how successful the movie is doing at the Box Office. Hopefully she is able to earn much more money in the future.

As reported by The Daily Dot, Gal Gadot only earned $300,000 USD for her excellent performance in Wonder Woman.

She could earn more money through bonuses thanks to the film's Box Office performance, but it is still lower to some other superhero actors.

$300,000 USD is the money she got for both Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as for the Justice League movie.

She signed this deal back in 2014 so her salary could increase if she decides to do more movies in the future. It's likely she will get more money for Wonder Woman 2 and a Justice League 2.

The reason some people are annoyed by her salary is the fact that Henry Cavill earned way more for Man of Steel. He got $14 million USD for Man of Steel which was his first outing as Superman.

Not to say anything bad about Cavill, but he wasn't a household name when he was cast.

Christian Bale also earned a salary in the 7 figure range when he debuted as Batman in Batman Begins. Again, Bale was also not well known when he got cast.

To be fair though, Gadot's salary is similar to that of Chris Evans. Evans also earned $300,000 USD in Captain America: The First Avenger and his salary was only $200,000 USD in the first Avengers movie.

In terms of superhero salaries, nobody can match the $50 million USD that Robert Downey Jr. got for The Avengers and other movies since then.

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