Gabrielle Union Tells Jimmy Fallon She Is Obsessed With Chicago Food

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Gabrielle Union, the talented actress and wife of Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade, visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to chat about some of her favorite foods and why she is obsessed with Chicago food.

Fallon wanted to know how Union was enjoying Chicago and she immediately aimed her attention at the food. She also loves the sports and all of the support the Chicago Cubs are getting.

Union has visited Wrigley Field and said the best part was the dessert cart that came around. She particularly enjoys the rainbow cake from the cart.

Meanwhile, Union also chatted about her upcoming film Almost Christmas with a cast of hilarious comedians and talented actors.

She gave a little rundown on the film and once again reverted back to food, chatting about the candied ham recipe that she has created.

However, there is one spot that Union has yet to visit in Chicago and you can find out in The Tonight Show video below.

Gabrielle Union Shares Her Obsession With Chicago Food With Jimmy Fallon