'Fury' Looks Impressive!

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Written and Directed by David Ayer, Fury looks like it will be a certain nominee for its fair share of Oscars and its all - star cast of Brad Pitt, Shia Labeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, and Jon Bernthal would impress even the most battle hardened film critics.

Ayer's previous movies include End of Watch and Training Day which are more than well known and if we're lucky Fury will follow suit.

With World War II movies being a dime - a - dozen these days, Ayer was able to revitalize the genre with a new spinoff of what the war was like inside a tank.

This will make the most of the cast Ayer was able to land; having several A and B list actors in such a confined space will surely bring out the best in their talents and hopefully give us a better understanding of what life was like for soldiers in armored vehicles.

Fury comes to theaters in November

Watch the Fury Trailer