Funny Or Die Posts: 'Kid Goes Full Diva on the News' Viral Video

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There have been an increased amount of news fails courtesy of some civilians looking to grab some fame, this particular video by Funny Or Die is just downright hilarious as the title of the video says it all.

(Video Below)

One young man took the opportunity of having his face on camera and completely took advantage of it. He really does go "full diva," as he hits a few dance moves and strikes a few diva poses for the camera.

While others around him are screaming and jumping around he remains calm with a diva look written all over his face.

As if this fail wasn't good enough, the video also seems to have another heckler who tries to get "f*** her right in the p****," in the newscast as well.

That phrase has been constantly used to disrupt newscasters while they are in the middle of their report. It doesn't seem like the trend is ending at all.

The party was in Downtown Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada and it looks like one big rowdy crowd.

To have one kid who is striking his best diva poses and his dancing to stand out seems like it would be a complete anomaly in this crowd.

Check out the video