Funny or Die Does an Awkward Interview with Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg

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While promoting their new movie "American Ultra," Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg stopped by Funny or Die to interview each other with seemingly switched question cards.

(Video Below)

Recently, there's been a string of reports about actors having to endear awkward interviews. Even more so, along with the burst of feminism, more and more actresses have been dismissing questions that are too personal.

It's the old, actresses can't be trusted to answer engaging questions about their art mindset that needs to be broken. Stewart takes a swing at it.

With their question cards switched, Stewart begins asking Eisenburg all the questions she would usually be asked. In turn Eisenburg reads off easier and less personal questions to Stewart that would normally be poised to a actor.

As a result Esienburg admits to feeling uncomfortable but Stewart continues. Of course it's from Funny or Die so it's a satirical look at the problem but still makes a few good points. Nothing about the movie is really discussed.

Check out the awesome video below.