Full Video of Drakes 'Back To Back' Performance Featuring Meek Mill Memes Surfaces

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New video of Drake's entire OVO Fest 2015 "Back To Back" performance slaughtering Meek Mill with memes has surfaced and it's just as epic as everyone thinks it is.

(Full Video Below)

Drake it's one think to have Will Smith at your OVO Fest event and to have Kanye West perform. It's even funny to have a "Free Meek Mill" t-shirt on.

However, having the memes that were created by fans and people poking fun at Meek Mill was a chess move no one saw coming.

Last night as a photo of an iPhone charging up graced a large screen at the Molson Canadian Amphitheater, fans could have not expected what was about to happen.

Drake's first diss track "Charged Up" played in the background as the photo reached it's maximum power. When the charging finished "Back To Back" blared through the speakers of the venue and fans began cheering so loud it could probably be heard in Philly.

Then suddenly the music cut and started again, however, this time the backdrop changed to what looked like a PowerPoint slideshow of Meek Mill memes that have been in almost everyone's Twitter feed since the beef began.

The crowd roared at certain punchlines in the song including the part where Drizzy raps, "is that a world tour or your girls tour," referring to Nicki Minaj having Mill join her Pink Print Tour.

If you missed the epic troll you can check it out below.

Watch Drake's full "Back To Back" performance and troll of Meek Mill from the 2015 OVO Fest below.