Fridays is Going To Be the Day For New Music

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In America, the standard day for albums to be released was Tuesday. Starting the week of July 10th, that will no longer be the case. From now on, new music will generally be released on New Music Fridays.

The switch over comes because of the need for a global standard. While the U.S. was generally releasing albums on a Tuesday, Europe's retailers would start selling the album on Mondays.

In this age of technology, having such a split wasn't considered as fair.

The person who bought it on Monday could upload the album and send it out to the people who would get it later. The hope is that this new standard date will lessen the traffic to illegal sites for music.

This doesn't mean that artists can only release their music on Fridays. The standard is not legally binding.

Artists are welcome to release on any day they want to in their local areas.

The main intention is that all international releases will happen on Friday. For fans this could be a nice change.

There would be no more waiting for the music to be available in your own country while other fans were already accessing it.

Outside of the officials and fans, shop owners are not warming up to the change. Album sales have steadily been plummeting, it's nothing new.

Streaming has had a hand in the growth of album consumption while hindering its sales.

"Nielsen SoundScan just released its midyear report, and total album sales are down 4 percent over the same period last year." Tuesday had been a good bump in other was not very busy days.

Now, it'll just add to the Friday and Saturday costumers.